Your Push Notifications Ads Need The Juggler – This Is Why

by    |    Jun 18, 2020    |       5 min read

Who hasn’t heard about Push Notification Ads? 

Since entering the digital advertising world, Push Ads have become a dominant ad type and continue to increase their popularity as we speak.

In light of the world juggling day celebrated this week, we’d like to give some insight into our most favorite juggler – our multiple creatives tool for Push notifications ads. 

So whether you’re new to Push notification ads or a long-time fan but never used the juggler, this article will tell you exactly why the combination of Push ads and our multiple creatives tool is just not something you can ignore. 

Here you can find helpful case studies, answers to common questions, and a lot of information that can help you win with Push Notification ads. 

But first, what are Push Notification Ads?

Push Ads will seem to the user just like a regular notification or a message. They will be sent directly to his mobile or desktop device (even when he’s not browsing), and feature offers or updates. If done right and with the right creatives, the user will click the ad and then be redirected to your landing page or website. 

Users grant their permission in order to get Push Ads (Whether it’s through an APP or through a web browser) and that allows us to send them your offers according to your preferred targeting.

With Push Ads, you can target your audience by Geo, Device, OS, Browser, Carrier, and zip code/state/city.

Why are Push Ads so highly converting?

Since Push Ads are sent directly to the users’ mobile or desktop devices, even when they are not browsing, you can gain users’ attention anytime, anywhere.

Push Ads have an exceptional reach and a very high click-through-rate (CTR) due to the fact that they are sent immediately to a large number of high-intent users, who are bound to see it. All there’s left to do is to provide them with the right offer and creatives and make them click.

How will I know what’s the best creatives? 

That’s what The Juggler – our multiple creatives tool, is for! 

The Juggler is a game-changing tool that makes it easy to create and test different creatives within the campaign. 

But it’s more than that – The Juggler is here to give you more bang for your advertising buck. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

So no need to sweat it, let The Juggler A/B test for you, and show you which one of your creatives is a winner! And there are even more reasons to fall in love with our Multiple Creative tool.

How can I tell if my offers are a good match for Push Ads?

We can say for sure that most of the offers are experiencing excellent results, but these following verticals do stand out among the rest:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Mobile Content
  • Gaming
  • Sports Betting
  • Dating
  • Make Money
  • Travel
  • Video Streaming
  • Local services

Here is one example of how to make a great campaign with Push Ads in just 6 days: 

Dating + Push Notifications Case Study By Kj Rocker (ROI 125%)

Offer: Dating through chat service

Device Type: Mobile

Campaign period: April 7, 2020 – April 15, 2020 

Number of clicks: 180,216  

Number of conversions: 255

Total spent: $611.63

Total Revenue: $765

Net profit: $ 153.37

ROI:  125% 

Kj started by testing five creatives with five different titles and narrowing down the best-performing ones. This might seem a little overwhelming, but it actually wasn’t. That’s because he used The Juggler. 

You can find Kj’s full case study here, and learn more about how he used The Juggler for his successful campaign.

How should I A/B my creatives? 

There are two main methods of testing creatives with the juggler:

The first is to create 5 identical designs and then change only one element, for example, text, colors, copy, images, CTA, and so on.

The second method is to create completely different designs with almost nothing in common, and then see which one of them performs best. 

In an interview we had with one of our clients, who are frequent users of the multiple creatives tool, we learned that they used the second method of A/B testing which enables them to “use different types of creatives simultaneously and compare their performance on a daily basis.”

How do I start using the juggler in my push campaigns? 

Running push notification ads together with the juggler is a great way to optimize. The truth is, that setting up multiple creatives for your campaign takes only a few extra minutes, which eventually leads to smart decision making for your campaigns.  

We understand that while trying to set up your push campaigns or our multiple creatives tool, you might have some questions, which is why we’ve put together a collection of Push notifications Q&A that you may find helpful.

If you have any further questions or need advice from our experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for our help, we’re here for you.


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