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SelfAdvertiser packs qualified Desktop and Mobile traffic sources, essential targeting and optimization tools into a simple, reliable self-service advertising platform.

What we do


We built a company as if we were the client because many of us have been the client. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to keep the process and platform simple.

Launched in 2014 by Intango using in-house technology and based on homegrown code and intellectual property – SelfAdvertiser provides a safe, user-friendly, intuitive platform offering massive audience reach with flexible targeting capabilities, automated bid optimization, and real-time reports.

  • Push Ads
  • Domain Channel
  • Friendly Pop Traffic
  • Advanced Keywords Tool
  • Auto-Optimizer

Push Ads – New

In a crowded digital space, Push Ads can help you gain users’ attention anytime, anywhere.

Whether by mobile or desktop, mid-browsing or not, this new ad-format is a direct line to your customers.

With more than 180 million impressions per day, Bot-free traffic and unique users, Push Ads leads to extraordinary performance, drive engagement and boost revenue.

Domain Channel

Did you ever mistype a domain name by accident in the browser? It happens a lot!

Our Zero-click inventory contains all the common (and even not-so-common) misspellings of the most popular sites in the world. This traffic is highly qualified filled with targeted-user intent – all at a fraction of the price of the major search engines.

The largest affiliates, brands and agencies are leveraging SelfAdvertiser domain channel. Let us help you set up your campaign today!

Friendly Pop Traffic

Whether on a keyword-targeted or run-of-the-network type POP campaign, the non-invasive ad creates high visibility, coupled with laser focused targeting, making it a favorite among advertisers, and consumers alike. After all, you don’t want to aggravate someone you’re trying to sell to.

Advanced Keywords Tool

Your job-creating business goals. Our job-make it happen. Browse our available keywords inventory and get actionable suggestions based on what you type. This helps you better target.  

GAME CHANGER! The Auto-Optimizer

AI, machine learning, and automation are becoming parts of the future of media buying and mass advertising, doing it much, much faster than a human can without falling into errors and emotions working 24/7.

The Auto Optimizer collects and analyzes data on campaign and bid performances, closing unproductive sources and calculating the optimal bids on valuable ones according to parameters you set. You plug in your goals and our system automatically optimizes real-time!


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Health & Diet
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Sports & Leisure
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Mobile content
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Casual Gaming

Why Us


World Wide Reach

Choose any country in the world. You name it – we’re there! (But don’t chose Antarctica, there’s almost nobody there!)

Maximum Brand Protection

Advanced anti-fraud measures and strict compliance guidelines ensure your brand is safeguarded and your audience is human.

Talented Support Team

Rest easy, with our self-service platform you also get a dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic account strategist to help you along the way to achieve a successful campaign.

Precision Targeting

Reach the most relevant audiences to your offers thanks to our advanced targeting capabilities. Carrier / ISP blacklisting / Operating System & Version / GEO / Browser Type & Version / Connection Type

Your Clients are Going To Love You

We have kept our finger on the pulse of the industry, watching all the key players and all their algorithmic changes. This means: we know how to get your ad in front of the right people, at the right time, using the right methods.

Optimization In Our Blood

What if we told you that there is a way for you to ease off some of your workload but still retain full control over your advertising campaign? Auto Optimizer algorithm will do the work.


We are passionate about what we do, and we always strive to deliver the best results. Let us leverage your business.

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