Why SelfAdvertiser is a Self-Serve Platform You Should Give a Try

by    |    Jan 22, 2019    |       5 min read

With the constant shifts in the advertising space, the move to self-service is a logical and beneficial move for both parties involved. The platforms cut on costs, time, and resources, while the service opens the gates for advertisers with budgets of all sizes. One such platform that recognized the shortcomings of the archaic ad model is SelfAdvertiser. There are many reasons why this platform is a great self-serve solution for advertisers who need to deliver targeted visitors to their websites so, without further ado, we’ll get right to the point.

Enough Traffic for All

With over 20,000 direct publishers under our belt, advertisers have a wide array of available verticals, including some of the most popular such as e-commerce, gaming, finance, BizOps, travel, and more. Translated into numbers, our ads reach approximately 2 billion daily impressions, so you know finding the right audience at the right time won’t be an issue. SelfAdvertiser’s own direct traffic is acquired by a dedicated media buyers team, along with the exclusive exchange traffic piped in through XML. Since this is a CPM platform, you pay per impression and typically get a much cheaper deal than by using CPC, for instance. You can basically receive the same number of clicks and conversions while paying significantly less for it.

At the center of our traffic effort is the Domain Redirect traffic, one of the main types of traffic on offer, along with Pop Ads and Search traffic. Also known as “zero-click”, Domain Redirect comes from visitors who misspell a domain in their browser but end up redirected to an offer’s page. The transition from a misspelled domain to your ad is seamless and doesn’t require additional clicks, hence the “zero-click” alias. Also, the ad looks like a regular webpage, eliminating any intrusive or “too easy” feel. This type of traffic is highly coveted among advertisers due to its high converting nature. It’s a very targeted campaign that is driven by users who are actively searching for a certain product, thus showing a clear intention to convert.

There are two types of Domain Redirect campaigns:

  1. Run Of Network (RON) – the campaign will compete against other RON Domain Redirect campaigns and will get traffic from all Domain Redirect opportunities (all the publisher websites within the network).
  2. Keyword Targeted Domain Redirect campaign – the campaign will receive traffic only from Domain Redirect opportunities filtered with the keywords you define (specific, targeted websites).

The difference between the two targeting types lies in their intent. RON campaign has a very broad reach and offers high value for advertisers looking to increase their exposure. On the other hand, the keyword-based campaign is considered to be highly targeted as it aims for a particular audience, making it a great option for promoting a specific niche.

Specific Targeting

While we’re on the subject of targeting, SelfAdvertiser also offers a keyword software that helps with every aspect of targeting visitors through the use of those super valuable words and phrases. Our Keywords Tool allows users to effortlessly explore the available keywords inventory (depending on the campaign’s selected geo, device and OS filters). It also provides suggestions for keywords that contain the exact words that were typed into the search box. This way, users are able to discover new high traffic-volume keywords that might not have been on their minds the first time around and thus acquire more accurate targeted traffic to their ads.

Along with advanced specific keyword targeting (the ability to include or exclude content, domains, and subdomains), users have a variety of other targeting options like geo, device, browser, OS, carrier, sources, and dayparting. For instance, the carrier targeting feature, applicable before or during a campaign, allows targeting your audience based on their mobile carriers. By using this feature, you can further dissect your targeted audience and ensure that your campaign is reaching the most relevant viewers.

Various options for audience targeting

Readily Available Support

One of the aspects of our service that we’re extremely proud of is our support team. In the fast-paced world of online advertising, especially CPM-based, we understand the need for a responsive help that will be of service in a blink of an eye. What’s more, we are fully equipped to help all kinds of users, from those who just starting to experienced advertisers to super affiliates and everyone in between. Our team can help users get accommodated with our network and create their first campaign, answer questions like do you need a data management platform or provide an advanced tip for better optimization. In addition, users can also be assisted by a dedicated account manager. For those who like to have a library of knowledge at their fingertips, both our support section and blog are treasure troves of tutorials, guidelines, practices, and informative articles on various aspects of our network, as well as common elements of the entire online advertising ecosystem.

An All-Around Customer-Centric Platform

Whether the plan is to raise brand awareness, increase exposure or boost sales, SelfAdvertiser can be the right tool for the job. It’s a self-service platform that is entirely designed around one single idea: to be as much customer-friendly as possible. Signing up is completely free (we charge only when someone visits your website or a landing page), deposits are among the lowest in the industry, and the interface itself makes the platform very easy to use. Once you get set, you can target your ads to users best engaged with your offer both locally and globally. We provide you with valuable analytical data to follow your campaigns in real-time and improve on the go. With actionable information at your hands, you’ll be able to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, including spending. And, if a hiccup occurs along the way, we’re ready with a glass of water.

That’s what SelfAdvertiser is all about. Care to give us a try?