The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Affiliate Tracking Software

by    |    Dec 6, 2017    |       5 min read

If you are an affiliate pro, chances are you are using some software to help you get through your busy day. If you are using software – chances are, also, that you are not using it to its full potential. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – there is plenty of different affiliate tracking software out there, each boasting different features – it is hard to keep tabs on everything, all the time.

That is why, in this article, we will show you some of the simplest ways to make the best of any affiliate tracking software you might be using.

By pointing to a few interesting features and nifty tricks, which seem to sometimes be flying under the affiliate pros’ radars, we hope to help you optimize your strategies, boost conversion rates and ultimately increase sales.

Modules, plugins, and add-ons

Virtually all affiliate pros are unique. They use different networks and they all try to target unique audiences. Consequently, their pain points and struggles are also unique. Affiliate tracking software, thus, cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Even though a single piece of software starts off the same for every affiliate, it can be (and should be) modified and customized through modules, plugins, and add-ons. To make the best of your affiliate tracking software, make sure you use those features that best help you tackle your unique friction points. For example, there are modules offering direct payment gateways, various actions after signups, offering different shopping carts or automated billing systems. Some of the more popular plugins offer SEO links, vanity coupon codes, or affiliate training videos.

Just as different affiliate tracking software come with different price tags, so can various modules have varying costs. Always consider the importance of these add-ons and the ROI they can produce. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that not all affiliate tracking software allows the use of modules or add-ons.

Promotional materials

The ability to easily share creatives with other affiliates and peers is a standard feature that often gets neglected, which is a surprise knowing how important marketing is in the affiliate industry.

Usually, affiliate tracking software allows its users to categorize and share creatives, bringing some major benefits:

1) The ability to fully control all marketing events

2) The ability to quickly share new promotional materials and content with other affiliates

3) The possibility of categorizing creatives, which is essential for affiliates with multiple ongoing marketing events

Instead of forcing affiliates to create their own creatives (banners or email templates, for example), you can do that for them, making sure your creatives are always in line with your strategy. Other affiliates will take that advantage, as that means less work for them. By creating pre-made banners of different sizes, other affiliates can just pick them up through the software and add to their websites and newsletters.

Geo-targeted links

Affiliate tracking software often allows more advanced link customization, which can help affiliates boost conversion rates, build trust with other affiliates and visitors, and improve the relevancy of their offers, ultimately increasing sales.

By tracking your visitors’ location, you can make sure that the affiliate link they click on will take them to their nearest store (even though the link stays the same for all visitors, regardless of where they are coming from). This feature comes as a no-brainer yet gets neglected more than it should.

This becomes extremely important when visitors are looking to buy physical goods. Taking them to the nearest store will tell them that the item is available locally, which means a shorter wait for shipping, and usually – lower shipping costs.

Affiliates usually use this link when working with Amazon, as it allows them to use the same link for, or, for example.

Consider scaling to affiliate tracking software

Serious affiliate pros will not mind investing a few of their hard-earned dollars into quality software to help them along the way, but that does not mean they should throw their money around and not pay attention to what they are buying. Not all software allows for an unlimited number of affiliates right from the get-go, nor are all pros interested in that feature, as well. To make sure you are making the best of your software, consider the number of affiliates you are striving for, and the actual amount of affiliates that are allowed through your purchased software. Obviously, you don’t want to be overpaying for software, as those funds could be used elsewhere.

Recruitment is also an important issue. You can either dig through search engine results pages, browse endlessly through Alexa, keep an eye out for Google Alerts, or you could use your affiliate tracking software tool to recruit new affiliates through built-in categories and themes.

Do you use multi-tier affiliating?

The biggest challenge with multi-tier affiliating is that it can become hard to define commission structures when multiple numbers of tiers are involved. Affiliate tracking software can do the math for you and simplify the entire process, making it an extremely valuable tool. However, this feature sometimes flies under the pros’ radars. Different software allows different numbers of tiers, ranging from three to 50, to unlimited, so make sure to use software that is in line with your affiliate marketing strategy. Also, some affiliate software encourages affiliates to go out and look for peers by automating the multi-level commission’s process.


For mega affiliates looking to optimize their strategies as much as possible, every minute detail can be of the utmost importance. Pulling the absolute maximum of your affiliate tracking software can sometimes be the best, simplest way to do that, without making new investments or tectonic changes within your current setup. Marketing is an industry that constantly moves and transforms, so there is no shame in not knowing everything – all of the time.  There is a shame, however, is not keeping up with the latest trends, and not using all of the tools that are at your disposal as we speak.