How To Win The Nutra Vertical

by    |    Aug 12, 2019    |       3 min read

Everyone wants a piece of the current buzz around Nutra. For an affiliate, nutraceuticals exist in a competitive market that is tough but can be insanely lucrative, all you need is the right know-how to make it big.

And luckily for you, we can show you how!

What are Nutraceuticals?
In general, they are a concentrated or extracted food component that is believed to have some health benefits. They are sold in lots of different forms, including powders, shakes, bars, pills, and drinks and offer benefits like weight loss, anti-aging, male enhancement, and disease prevention.

What is the Nutra Vertical?
Within the category of nutraceuticals, these are a few of the marketing niches that represent different verticals within the market:

  • Beauty: skincare, hair-care, dental care
  • Weight: weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance
  • Health: vitamins, supplements
  • Sport: muscle builders, workout aids, athletic performance boosters
  • Male Benefits: testosterone enhancers, penile enhancement/enlargement
  • Brain Health: overall brain health and support, memory enhancement.

Why is the Nutra Vertical Exploding?
New health and diet trends are always hitting the market, and when they do, that Nutra vertical explodes. Remember a few years ago when super-antioxidants like Goji berry and Acai berry were all the rage? The fact is the nutraceuticals are evergreen. There will always be a desire to be healthier, stronger, or more attractive.

How To Run a Killer Nutra Marketing Campaign
Like we said earlier, the Nutra vertical can be competitive, but it has the potential to make an affiliate a lot of profit.

Here’s how:

1. Picking the Right GEO

Picking the right geographic location to market to is half the battle with Nutra verticals. You see, the US and the UK are the biggest markets for Nutraceuticals, and they’re growing every day. But this also means that they have the most competitive markets. It seems like everyone there is trying to sell a Nutra product, and it can be tough to breakthrough. If you are new to Nutra Affiliate marketing, skip these GEOs. Instead, go for a smaller market with less competition that you can dominate. For example, try Asia, Africa, South America, or Eastern Europe. Traffic there is exponentially cheaper than in the US and UK, which means your share as an affiliate is even bigger.

2. Know the Trends

It’s also important to keep in mind that many Nutra verticals are seasonal. It makes sense if you think about it – in the summer, everyone wants to be fit and attractive, so weight loss supplements and antioxidant cleanses are popular. In the winter months, health supplements like immune system boosters are more popular.

3. Know Your Hook

What is your product’s marketing hook? What makes people want that particular product? What are its claims, who will it help, and what will it do for them? You need to know these before picking your Nutra offer. Have a clear message that tells the consumer what they need and why they need it.

So what’s next?

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Keep in mind that based on your offer and Geo’s, your account manager can help you make an even more specific list of keywords, so don’t hesitate to contact us.