3 Reasons Why Domain Redirect is the ULTIMATE Traffic Source for Your Offers

by    |    Mar 12, 2018    |       5 min read

Have you ever typed a domain into a browser, pressed enter, got to the wrong place, only to realize you forgot a ‘t’, or that you really didn’t know how to spell the domain? Probably.

Online advertisers use various methods in order to increase their ROI, but running a Domain Traffic ad campaign, also known as “Zero-Click”, is probably the way that achieves the best results. Thanks to its major advantages (which we will get into), a Domain Redirect campaign is one of the best ways to almost always assure yourself maximal ad optimization and a positive ROI. For this reason, you will almost always get the best value for your investment. Basically, when you run this type of campaign, your offer’s landing page is redirected to users who misspelled domains with the highest relevancy to your brand or service.

So what makes Domain traffic so special? Why does that method hold the highest conversion rates of all other options? The answer is threefold.


High Relevancy

The optimization process in Zero Click campaigns uses the keywords associated with users’ spelling mistakes. For that reason, you get to display your ad to highly relevant visitors.For example: If your Zero Click campaign is advertising shoes (targeting the relevant keywords), then your offer is exposed to visitors who are redirected to your ad after mistyping words associated with shoes. The probability that these redirected visitors are interested in shoes is assured.


Intent to Convert

Not only can you be sure that users in redirected traffic share an interest in your product, but you also know that they are actively searching for something and looking to convert. Let’s take the travel vertical to illustrate the effectiveness of this kind of campaign. The target audience for vacation advertising is… well, most of us. Meaning your target audience, as a travel advertiser, is very wide.

Now, when a user starts looking for information about his or her vacations online and mistypes a travel-related domain, they might get redirected to… your ad and your offer would probably meet his needs at a perfect time.


The third advantage involves the ad format itself. We know that ads can be disruptive to users, and sometimes disruptive ads generate a negative sentiment in users. One of the main reasons for the rise of Ad-Block software use is the disruptive nature of ads, that interrupt the user experience.

Unlike other ad formats such as pop-ups, pop-unders or banners, a Domain Redirect campaign presents your offer on the same browsing tab. In other words, your offer is shown as a regular web page rather than as an intrusive ad. In short – zero ad disruptiveness, more ad receptiveness. The conclusion is quite clear: When using Domain Traffic, you get users who necessarily have high intent to take some sort of action, that is, to convert. As such, you can catch them in time to strike while the iron is still hot, and the iron doesn’t get any hotter than with Domain traffic.


How to Do Domain Redirect the Right Way

After we settled that, here are three very important factors to take into consideration when running a Domain centered campaign:

  • Branded Inventory: You know you’ll get good Domain Traffic if the domain misspelled inventory includes misspelled variations of premium brands like Hyundai or Coca-Cola. These brands attract A LOT of high-quality traffic, and some of them can be yours.
  • Targeted Keywords: Keywords are very important in any online campaign, and their importance only increases in Domain Redirect. Make sure your targeting keywords are up-to-date, so you can attract as much relevant traffic as you can.
  • The Perfect Landing Page: The quality of your landing page could make or break any campaign, as it’s easy to scare off visitors with a shady looking website. The premium quality traffic that comes from redirected domain traffic deserves the best looking and friendliest landing page you can create. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are many tools available that will help you create a landing page that is relevant and similar to the original page the user initially searched for.

If you, the advertiser, create a fantastic ad, follow all the rules of thumb for building a killer landing page with high conversion potential, make sure you get a branded inventory and correctly use your keywords, promoting your offer via a Domain Redirect campaign could feel like stealing candy from a baby, but in a good way 🙂