We’ve Been Looking for You!

by    |    May 24, 2017    |       4 min read

Customer relationships have certain obvious parameters in common with other kinds of relationships: You can only go so far, before it’s time to seal the deal. But what if your customer falls off the bandwagon?

How do you nurture these relationships and take them to the next stage? Here are some of the best strategies for pulling a customer off the edge and back across the finish line.

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Channel of Choice

Test a wide variety of channels to find the one that’s most popular with your target audience. For example, if you find your email campaign had a less-than-optimal open and click rate, you might want to try an ad campaign. If that doesn’t work well – consider alternative approaches. Once you determine which channels elicit the greatest response, you can focus your engagement efforts in that direction.

Personal & Interest-Based

Make people feel special! You can figure out exactly what interests your customers based on:

  • Which products customers reviewed on your website
  • What content customers viewed or downloaded
  • What your customers bought

Leverage this information in order to offer customers highly relevant offers and create more specific, on-target communications – so that people feel you understand them.

One Voice

Reinforce your messaging across channels by presenting a consistent message. Customers respond better when a single voice is encountered repeatedly in different contexts.

For example, if you offer a special promotion through your ad channel, you can reinforce that same promotion later in an email. Be bold! This is your chance to pique their interest, make people laugh, or create a lasting impression.

When & Where

Effectively target your customers with a well-timed, strategic message reinforcing your value proposition – after determining which approach will resonate with your audience. Timing is everything! You can promote and target, but are you reaching out to customers exactly when they’re ready to make a purchase?

If you’re using retargeting ads, for example, you’ll need to make sure to present offers wherever your customers are engaging with you. Explore: Does that happen on your website? Or on a mobile device? Are customers at home, or walking in physical proximity to a brick-and-mortar store?

Catch the Wave!

Customers who already purchased from you once are likely to become repeat buyers. However, customer relationships have their natural ups and downs, just like most interpersonal relationships. Developing strategies for re-engaging customers and strengthening these relationships is a crucial factor in your sales success and contributes to the sustainable future of your business