We Take You Seriously, Here’s the Proof

by    |    Feb 9, 2019    |       5 min read

In online advertising, trust is a tough thing to come by these days. There’s the ever-present issue of ad fraud that crushes the remaining bits of mutual understanding between ad networks, advertisers, and publishers while undermining the reputation of the entire industry. Along with the lack of transparency, ad networks are often not nearly enough invested in the goals of their clientele, which makes it that much harder for advertisers to reach their marketing objectives. We can safely and proudly say SelfAdvertiser is definitely not one of those ad networks and we’ll gladly prove it to you.

No Fraud Here

It’s one thing for an ad network to say it’s transparent but it needs to back up those words with actions. Here at SelfAdvertiser, we don’t take lightly to click fraud and similar deceptive activities. In fact, we are well-known in the industry as one of the strictest platforms around in dealing with fraud, which should say a lot on its own. However, we don’t rest on our laurels but constantly work on our in-house tools for more efficient and timely fraud detection. We have implemented both client and server-side measurements and restrictions, as well as a system for filtering out clicks and requests on a real-time basis in order to protect our advertiser pool in a timely manner. To keep alert and aware of ongoing dangers, we are tracking and saving fraud IP’s and ISP’s, as well as keeping a link to third-party IP and user agent fraud lists for routine updates. Campaigns that are found suspicious or inappropriate by our compliance team are immediately rejected to ensure a fair game for everyone.

Inventory for Geos and Keywords

Transparency goes a long way, not just fraud-wise. SelfAdvertiser is a CPM Platform, which means that traffic is bought on a CPM basis. Buying in bulk is typically associated with raising brand awareness, a considerable oversimplification of what CPM actually achieves. It all comes down to generating impressions, leads or sales at lower costs and higher volumes, which is where CPM comes off a cost-effective model. However, to get the best price and targeted traffic, you need to have an actual overview of available traffic to avoid fishing for visitors in muddy waters.

This is exactly what our Inventory feature does: it allows insight into the current state of available traffic to make a fact-based, informed decision when choosing the targeting option of your campaign. With this feature, traffic volume can be filtered through various parameters. These include filter by a device or an operating system, getting the number of daily impressions and average CPM bid for each GEO, as well as most frequently used carriers for each GEO.

Filtering results by operating system

Our Keywords Tool allows users to wander through the available keywords inventory and come up with suggestions for keywords that contain the typed words. That way, users can find new high traffic volume keywords to steer more accurate targeted traffic to their ads. In addition, every active campaign has a dedicated section with available statistical reports dissected by campaign groups, per selected group, and per campaign. Users can always see the number of impressions/clicks the campaign received and their subsequent cost, as well as historical performance through different periods of time.

We Got Your Back

Let’s talk about customer support for a minute. There are many different factors to consider when choosing an ad network but somehow, customer service seems to be neglected most of the time. This is wrong because not every user is a super affiliate or an experienced advertiser with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Online advertising is growing day by day and so are the numbers when it comes to advertisers. At SelfAdvertiser, we’ve made it our mission to be as much user-friendly as humanly possible. Our support team has no trouble providing help to different types of users, from those seeking a new tip or two for optimization to those just getting the hang of it. Our service also includes personal account managers to provide more in-depth advice and assistance with campaign management. Our Support Center offers plenty of information regarding campaign setup, management, and optimization, as well as the different features of our platform and guidelines on how to best use them. On top of it all, our blog is full of resources regarding general industry knowledge, covering a wide range of topics and offering insights regarding your needs of a data management platform, finding the best traffic sources, quality conversions, and much more.

Options for Reaching every Objective

Our network works with thousands of different publishers, around 20,000 to be more precise. This allows us to offer a potent mix of high-quality traffic websites in almost every vertical that brings visitors and conversions. The verticals include the most popular ones like e-commerce, utilities, finance, BizOps, travel, apps, as well as longtime affiliate favorites like shopping, gaming, travel, and others. The entire network has a daily reach of 2 billion impressions so there’s no need to worry about failing to engage your targeted audience. There are multiple targeting options (keyboard, URL, device, carrier, OS, etc.) that provide more control over refining your audience. A uniform dashboard ties all these elements together into one centralized location, offering advanced, detailed analytics and real-time reports that make campaign management and optimization a walk in the park.

A quick look at the dashboard

In a nutshell, SelfAdvertiser is a self-service platform designed to make traffic buying simple and enjoyable, regardless of your knowledge and expertise. It’s free to sign up and almost equally easy to set up a campaign. You’ll be charged only when someone visits your website or your landing page so all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and optimize at will. There’s always hands-on help around to corner should the need arise. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years now and know how quickly things change in this industry, which is why we take our service seriously. We invite you to have a look and see for yourself just how serious we are.