The Ultimate Tips & Tricks for Winning With Your Super Bowl Campaigns

by    |    Jan 30, 2020    |       5 min read
Super Bowl 2020 is coming soon, and we’ve listed the ultimate tips & tricks for winning with your campaigns like a champ. Are you ready for a touchdown? Then let the game begin!

Top Verticals

When it comes to big sports events, some verticals shine, but there are many other verticals that thrive during the superball and for a good reason:

  • Sweeps  
  • eCommerce (Sports outfits & Merchandise)
  • Sport
  • Streaming
  • Nutra

Targeting & Delivering

  • The Mobile Power – 2019 has been the year of mobile. Reports from last year’s Super Bowl streaming rate show a 20% increase in mobile streaming. With the continuing development of mobile adaptations, we recommend targeting mainly mobile devices.
  • Latino Time –  The traditional GEOs targeting of Super Bowl are US, CA and MX. However, this year we expect an additional rise in traffic in Latin America Countries. This is due to the planned performances of Shakira and Jeniffer Lopez. Our recommendation is to keep those GEOs in mind when choosing your targeted audience.
  •  Seize the Moment – Halftime usually takes place at around 8 pm EST. Some of the viewers will take a break from the big screen and will turn to a different one – their mobile. Set your campaigns to this period of time, and launch your ads to the moment when they catch up with the world.


  • Be Different –  Did you know that between 35% – 47% of the users open their emails based on the subject line solely? Think of these numbers when writing your lines. Be creative, intrigue the users, and sound mysterious and tempting as much as possible.
  • Choose Pre-landers – when it comes to streaming, pre-landers should definitely be in your priority. Put some effort into building them properly, because they can bring you awesome results.

After the Game

  • Play the Game – The Super Bowl commercials have become an integral part of the game itself. These commercials make a huge buzz and drive many users to search them online before and after the game. Follow those commercials and offer users the same or similar products.
  • Target the Big Keywords – The Super Bowl is a big game, so naturally, people keep looking it up even days after it ends. This could be your shot to use Domain Keyword Targeting. Think of streaming, eCommerce and related product keywords, and tempt them with some irresistible offers.

We hope that this list will help you in creating super-profitable campaigns. We recommended creating more than two campaigns and optimize them constantly using the Auto-Optimizer. Take advantage of the massive traffic that’s about to come, and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.