The Best GEOs, Verticals & Tips for your Campaigns

by    |    Apr 16, 2020    |       6 min read

A wise man once said: “a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view”. Well, who knew that Aladdin from Disney would predict the future? 🤷‍♂️🧞‍♂️

The world is definitely different but it has so many new opportunities for you. In this article, we will share our best current verticals with you, recommended GEOs, and tips for rocking Pop, Push and Domain Redirect. 

Ready? Let’s start:


Our top leading verticals are: 
  1. Streaming
  2. Gaming
  3. Nutra and health
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Finance

Although these verticals are definitely in the top of the list, there are many others that work and are super profitable. To find more verticals (and tips for how to run with them) read our article here

Pop Traffic

Recommended GEOs:
  1. GB
  2. FR
  3. ES
  4. DE
  5. NL
  6. BE
  7. EG
  8. TR
  9. BR
  10. MX
The Best Tips for Pop Traffic:
  1. Choose generic offers that can be relevant to everyone. By choosing generic offers you increase your chances of getting more conversions. Sweepstakes offers, for example, are a good match for Pop traffic.
  2. Since generic offers are a good fit for Pop, we recommend going RON. If the offer is relevant to everyone, your crowd should be everybody. 
  3. Use our Auto Optimizer for easy optimization. Let the Auto Optimizer bid on converting sources and get the maximum profit out of your campaign.  

Push Traffic:

Recommended GEOs:
  1. ZA
  2. SA
  3. FR
  4. CH
  5. DE
  6. IT
  7. BE
  8. CL
  9. PL
  10. ES
The Best Tips for Push Traffic:
  1. Powerful keywords catch the user’s attention – focus on words such as sale or deal, and increase the chances of getting conversions. 
  2. Emojis speak louder than words – add emojis to your text and intrigue the user. 
  3. Use one clear message and focus on it solely. A clear message will help you get higher conversions.

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Domain Redirect Traffic

Recommended GEOs:
  1. CN
  2. US
  3. BR
  4. RU
  5. GB
  6. JP
  7. DE
  8. CA
  9. MX
  10. FR
The Best Tips for Domain Redirect Traffic:
  1. Create a friendly landing page. On Domain Redirect traffic, your landing page is the first thing the users will see, therefore it’s important to have a good landing page.  
  2. Be patient and spread your budget wisely over a long period.
  3. Choose general offers. Sweepstakes and utility offers, for example, would perform really well on this traffic.

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With big traffic come big opportunities – don’t waste yours! Open campaigns, use our tips, and make big money!