To Increase Website Conversions, Think Now Or Never

by    |    Aug 29, 2016    |       10 min read
A funny thing happened when our analysts were poring over more than 300,000 validated sales leads from our client and agency marketing campaigns: We discovered that 84 percent of the sales leads were obtained on the first website visit. Wow.

With that data point in mind, we were inspired to create the slide presentation below, “10 Ways to Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert on the First Visit.” While most companies realize the importance of a website to their sales effort, very few probably realize how important it is. If first-time visitors leave the website without phoning in or submitting a form, chances are they will not convert on future visits. Learn how to build a better website here:

Lead Generation Website Conversion Guide by Straight North.


Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization and pay per click.