How to Scale Your Campaigns on Singles Day 2020

by    |    Oct 29, 2020    |       8 min read

On November 11, one of the world’s biggest shopping event will take place globally, yet many people have never even heard of it. Singles Day, an annual celebration for those who haven’t met the right one just yet, will be rewarded with a 24-hour online sale. 

11/11, chosen as the best day to represent Singles Day, is a massive one-day shopping event made famous by Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba. A prime opportunity for affiliate marketing, this event encourages singles to treat themselves online by giving them incredible discounts and unmissable sales. Able to generate a significant amount of traffic and increase sales, it’s an important day and key opportunity for affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing Key Opportunity 

Unlike Black Friday, Singles Day is still pretty unknown across the US, making it a unique chance for affiliate marketers. By investing time into promoting this upcoming celebration and online event, you can benefit from the massive traffic wave coming your way and hopefully scale your campaigns.

Alibaba offers discounts of up to 50 percent off and, in 2015, broke a Guinness World Record for the highest online sales revenue, $14 billion in 24 hours. This global phenomenon can be used to your advantage as an affiliate marketer, so make sure you have November 11 marked in your diary. 


2020: Different Way Of Shopping Online

This year, the global pandemic has significantly transformed how we shop and what we invest our cash in. Rather than hitting the high street as Christmas and New Year approaches to buy friends and family gifts, more shoppers choose to stay at home and shop online. More people than ever before are now buying essential items and luxury goods online to stop the spread of infection and minimize your personal risk and exposure. 

Buying trends have also changed due to the global pandemic, as the need to invest in workwear and special outfits to go out has shifted to work from home attire, soft furnishings, and things to home improvement accessories. Creating content around working from home, staying cozy over the winter, and celebrating life, whether you’re single or not, will help you attract attention online. 


Five Tips For Singles Day To Scale Your Campaigns 

If you want to take advantage of Single’s Day this year, here are 5 top tips for you. From creating a buzz around the upcoming global sale to increasing relevant traffic, discover 5 ways to maximize your growth this November. 

1. How To Choose an Ad-Format?

For the top arisen retailers like Alibaba, AliExpress, Lazada, Shein and etc., Pop and Domain redirect (RON) campaigns will work best because, in this kind of eCommerce festivities, every user is a potential shopper! The target audience is so wide that with the right offer and creative strategy, you can potentially convert almost any user. 

Also, we recommend creating dedicated KW campaigns for a specific type of product – You may be experiencing a lower scale, but CR might be higher with the right page and KW. 

Push campaigns with a great creative and appealing text could also attract a high CTR, so that’s also worth a shot. 


2. Start Early and Be Patient

You should start early since the hype around this gigantic sale is already building up as we type these words. All the big eCommerce websites are already starting to create excitement about the saving potential. Online retailers tend to share and promote deals before the official sale begins, so strike first and get ahead of your competition. 

Don’t expect to get a positive ROI immediately – this may take more time until the official sale starts. It is more likely that users will see your ad, start building their shopping cart, and then wait for the big day to complete their purchase. Making your cookie stamp on those users to turn into massive revenues on the day of the sale. 

Remember that Patience is the key to your success with these kinds of opportunities. 


3. Explore Opportunities Outside the Asian Market

Singles Day is a huge deal in the Asian market, but this online frenzy has gone global for the past few years, and it attracts worldwide shoppers. 

Make sure to create different campaigns for the Asian market for other Tier 1 geos that have great potential to convert, like the US.


4. Invest Time and Effort Into Your Creative Strategy

In the Asian market, Singles Day is all about the celebration of “flying solo.” Use this incentive in your creatives – Lure your target audience to invest in themselves with a self-love campaign by upgrading their lifestyle and rewarding themselves online alongside offering worthy discounts. 

When you target Asian countries, using the common language in your Landing Pages can help you increase your CTR, so be sure to try this. 

 If you choose a RON campaign, go for appealing landing pages showing a wide range of products available (Instead of a single product or specific nitch products such as electrical products, for example). Always enhance the huge sales and discounts to expand to a bigger target audience.  


5. Launch Last Chance Opportunites

After November 11, there will still be many people searching online for Singles Day deals, Either they forgot about the sale, or they’ve only just heard about it. By launching last chance opportunities on November 12,13, and 14, you can attract and target post-sale bargain seekers. 

Keep in mind that this traffic will keep on to rise towards Black Friday on November 27th and Cyber Monday, so look at this as your first opportunity but certainly not last. 


❤ Good luck and may love and wealth will knock on your doors this year ❤