COVID-19: This is What’s Happening Right Now

by    |    Mar 18, 2020    |       8 min read

Let’s talk about changes. In today’s world everything changes very quickly; from technology to politics to the economy – everything changes. Yes, even people change. But in this fast-changing world and considering the current events, we want to ensure one thing is stable – your success. 

Together with our expert account managers, we created a list of the verticals that have high potential to be profitable right now. In this article, we will share these verticals with you and give you the best tips on how to run with them.


It’s no secret that people are hooked on news sites right now and looking for every bit of information. The news vertical is very popular these days and it is relevant to a wide audience of users. This is your time to offer them something interesting to read or expose them to the updated events around the world.

In fact, news offers can perform well on Push, Pop and Domain Redirect. Our recommendation is to run Domain Redirect campaigns with RON targeting and aim for the big crowds. However, if you wish to target more specific websites you can always choose to target mistypes. 

Here are a few examples of mistypes from top US news sites:

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*For a list of mistypes contact your account manager


The current events created a global phenomenon of people spending the majority, and sometimes all of their time, at home. Spending so much time indoors leads to boredom, and people look for ways to make time move faster. Here are some offers we believe may come in handy:

  1. Streaming – Binge-watching or listening to music is an activity a lot of people choose these days. They go on streaming websites and spend a longer time there than usual. This is your time to choose these streaming websites and present your offers there. To save you time and money, we’ve already prepared whitelist sources for exclusive traffic if you run on Pop.
  2. Gaming – Another great way to kill time is with games. Gamers are looking for games and gaming content, and you can catch them right on time. *Bonus tip: use Push notifications for your gaming offers, they perform really well with these offers. 
  3. Gambling – Gambling is one of the easiest ways to make money. Well, for some people at least. However, the rest will keep trying. While people are at home and looking for more ways to earn money, they turn to gambling – so give it a try. Gambling works best with Pop and Push notifications.
Local Services

Another offer that can perform well is local services. At a time when people avoid crowding or simply cannot leave their homes, they’re looking for an alternative and searching for local services online. For example, instead of storming the supermarkets or waiting in long line ups for their take-out order, send them a Push notification and offer them food or supermarket delivery straight to their door. Set your Push notifications with city/state/zip code/IP targeting, and use the local dialect in your creatives. 


Yes, we’re talking about Nutra products like alternative medicine or nutritional supplements, but not only. Fitness at home tutorials, Ebooks on how to deal with anxiety or even CBD products – all of them are relevant today. CBD, for example, performs well on Domain Redirect if you run on mistypes, as well as on Push notifications traffic.

Here are a few examples of mistypes of top health websites mistypes:

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E-commerce products can be divided into two groups: the first group is of products related to the current events, that their value has increased in the last weeks, for example, face masks. The second group is of the products of everyday-life; clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. We predict that since people avoid going to malls, the majority of the shopping will be done online. Our suggestion is to focus on Tier 1 countries: the UK, US, and AU. Also, we recommend aiming for the big brands and targeting the users according to their domain mistypes. *Bonus tip: stay tuned with the news to predict (as possible) the relevance of your offers.


There’s no doubt that the financial world is affected by these events as well. Offers with high potential for conversion can be anything related to financial planning, money-saving, stock market, and cryptocurrency. In general, the financial world is dynamic, therefore some people would take advantage of the current low prices and make moves before prices go up again. This is a great opportunity for them, thus a great opportunity for you.   

Work-from-Home Products

We expect to see an increase in offers of products for a comfortable work-from-home environment. It could be material products such as laptops and laptop stands, microphones, and charges. It could also be virtual products such as video conference solutions, task organizers, planners and more. Anything that can make life easier for working from home can be relevant, and we predict that these offers will perform really well. 

And Here are Some More Tips:
  1. Change your angles and try showing why your offers are relevant to the current events. Make the users understand why they need your products now. 
  2. Optimize and A/B test all the time. For automatic optimization in your Domain and Pop campaigns, you can use our Auto Optimizer. For your Push campaigns, you can use our Multiple Creatives tool. Optimize and A/B test until you learn what works best for you.  
  3. Stay updated with the news of the GEOs you run your offers in, and be ready to make changes as needed.

We hope these tips would help you maintain your business as usual and that you will stay safe and sound. Your account managers are here to help you with anything you need, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly on skype or at

Stay safe!