How SelfAdvertiser Can Help You Diversify Your Portfolio

by    |    Jul 12, 2019    |       5 min read

Diversification is a technique that constructs a portfolio through different kinds of investments. The general idea is that these investments will produce higher returns with reduced risk, compared to any individual investment from the portfolio. It’s a simple enough notion that often gets overlooked in the marketing world. Marketers often get hung up on a specific marketing strategy which can definitely work for some business. However, putting all your eggs in one basket carries a large risk of annihilating your budget, all the while reducing your reach.

For example, imagine you are focusing just on email marketing without putting any effort into other channels like SEO, PPC, social media, forum activity, and so on. Not only are you limiting your audience to the addresses and names on your email list, but you are also risking that the email campaign turns out to be a bust, or, at the very least, not productive as you’d hoped for. With no other marketing strategy to backup your effort, the argument for diversifying your portfolio asserts itself. The fact that it isn’t easy to attain diversification shouldn’t worry you as there are ad networks like SelfAdvertiser that can provide all the help you need.

Branch Out with Your Campaigns

As anyone with a shred of online marketing experience can verify, the majority of efforts is concentrated on CPA advertising. That is perfectly reasonable, seeing as CPA delivers results for the most, time and finding CPA offers poses no troubles. Yet, any campaign manager or media buyer worth its salt knows that expanding efforts drive true growth. In that sense, SelfAdvertiser works with a CPM rate and offers a number of ad formats. From sponsored results on search pages, relevant contextual ads, pop ads or domain redirects, these are all the vehicles you can use on your way to success.

Take domain redirect, for instance. A part of your target audience has a tendency to misspell a certain domain. Instead of going to, let’s say, Twitter, they end up going to Twitter. It happens to all of us. Still, it’s a silly way to lose visitors. With domain redirect in place, they will be redirected to your ad within a blink of an

eye. This type of traffic, also known as “zero-click” due to lack of clicks required to get to the original target, is considered among the top converting traffic there is. It’s simple – the bulk of the traffic is comprised of users who are actively searching for products similar to what you are offering, meaning they have high conversion intent. In addition, the look of the ad resembles that of a webpage, avoiding any intrusive or repelling elements to more ad-sensitive users.

Aim for Your Audience

If there’s one thing that needs to be as consistent as Lady Gaga’s penchant for quirky fashion choices, it’s relevancy. Namely, the connection between your offer and the user’s intent needs to be not just bulletproof, but missile-proof. Without reaching THE audience you are looking for (the most accurate one), you can forget about high conversion rates. Heck, you can forget about any conversion rates you deem satisfactory. Once again, we’ll refer you to domain redirect campaigns, as they have a result-oriented approach. Why? Because these campaigns tend to be an exceptionally targeted and highly effective affair, hence it’s only natural there are tons of competition on those valuable redirected domains. Believe us when we say this – you don’t want to go gung-ho with keywords here.

Now, we assume you’ll say that the more keywords you add to a campaign, the more chances you have of getting more volume. That is true. However, these keywords need to be the most popular keywords that are relevant to what you are offering. And that’s just the keywords side of it. SelfAdvertiser has a keyword tool that provides help regarding the matter of competitive bidding, the status of average bids and traffic volume per GEO and keyword, keyword suggestions for better campaign performance, active or blocked keywords, and so on. Also, you can target both keywords and URL’s within the same campaign. In essence, you get all the tools you need to do the work, you just have to tune them up to your liking.

A not-quite-exciting example of campaign targeting fields

Know Your Traffic

We’ve previously talked about the overall importance of traffic, especially when buying it. Without a thorough overview, you can’t possibly know what you are getting into and thus, can’t make sound, fact-based decisions vis-a-vis your campaign targeting. To make that process a breeze, SelfAdvertiser offers the Inventory feature, which allows advertisers to gain insights into our traffic volume filtered by device or operating system. As pictured below, our self-service platform offers every major platform there is.

Inventory tab filter by the operating system (iOS)

The total number of daily impressions, the number of average CPM bid for each GEO, the top carriers for each GEO and more – it’s all there. That way, you can play to your strengths and focus on the more rewarding traffic, all the while keeping your campaigns in check budget-wise. In the example above, the United States is the country with the most daily impressions by far, but still having just a bit higher average CPM than Canada, who has more than 10 times fewer impressions.


In the end, diversifying your operation opens countless doors to more opportunities. While these additional opportunities to carry a certain risk factor to it, that potential risk is minimized by making savvy choices that bring results galore to your portfolio. One such choice just might be SelfAdvertiser. With traffic generated from both company-owned Adware and direct publishers, there’s plenty of it to go around to meet every demand. By plenty, we mean over 20,000 direct publishers from various verticals like gaming, dating, travel, e-commerce and much more. The bottom line is that if you want a client-focused platform that reaches both locally and globally, and ultimately gives you results – delivering your ad to the right person at the right time, then SelfAdvertiser is for you.