Don’t you deserve a treat? We just partner up with AdPlexity and FunnelFlux

by    |    Mar 8, 2021    |       1 min read

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between SelfAdvertiser, Adplexity, and FunnelFlux.

AdPlexity, for those of you who are not familiar, is a legendary suite of ad intelligence tools that grants a complete picture of the digital world. AdPlexity offers six different tools and are the best solutions for monitoring Native, Mobile, Push, and Desktop traffic worldwide.
AdPlexity tools let you discover winning strategies and trends, learn which ads perform best, build more profitable campaigns, and much more.

FunnelFlux Pro lets you visually build and track your marketing campaigns without restriction. Build unique sequences with offer walls, upsells, one-time offers, anything you can think of — then break down your data easily with industry-leading reporting.

Get a 28-day free trial and 50% off your first month.