Chrome 84 – What Is Expected and How to Get Ready

by    |    Jul 6, 2020    |       10 min read

As if 2020 wasn’t already full of surprises, a new Google Chrome update is heading toward us on July 14th. As always, this can turn out to be the biggest news of the year (if this is even possible after COVID19) or just another new update we need to learn about and be familiar with. So, what is expected to happen when Chrome84 shows up? Let’s get a clearer look on things.

Updates in Chrome 84

Whenever Google releases a new Chrome update, things get a bit frantic. This is because Chrome updates can directly affect affiliate marketing in several ways. The upcoming Chrome 84 brings numerous updates, and most relevant to advertisers are the privacy features.

Chrome 84 changes focus on using enterprise-centric solutions to improve the overall browser compatibility. Chrome acknowledges the hardships that a developer can face in making a website or web app work across different browsers. By updating features like scrolling across different browsers, form control, layout updates, and so forth, the Chrome 84 aims at developing a smarter and more compatible browser by 2021.

According to Google’s Chromium blog post, dated June 18, 2020, a survey was conducted by MDN in March 2020 that highlighted the main browser compatibility issues that users and developers frequently face. The new Chrome 84 will target those issues to provide developers and users with a smoother user interface.

The latest version also introduces web animations API, which will enable the developers to enjoy greater control over web animations. It also introduces idle-user detection to let the developer know when a user is idle. It does that through an indication of a lack of interaction with the keyboard, mouse, screen, etc.

Another new update is the mixed content auto-upgrade. Earlier, mixed content (i.e., images) was allowed to load by an HTTPS page on an insecure HTTP, provided that the lock icon on the address bar was removed. Chrome 84 will notify users about risky downloads from secure pages marked with HTTPS that transfer bits to an insecure HTTP connection.

The Chrome 80 developed a “Not Secure” alert on the address bar to address the issue. However, it did not prevent developers from loading insecure data, nor did it worry them about the risk of confidentiality and integrity of their data.

The Chrome 84 will automatically upgrade such mixed content into HTTPS, and the content will be blocked if it fails to load after upgrading. Chrome 84 will also make a full-page warning visible to users. Protecting users from insecure downloads will be the topmost priority of Chrome 84.


What About Push Ads?

When Chrome 80 was about to go live, everybody was talking about what it would do to Push Ads, and here we go again, dealing with the same question, but this time with Chrome 84.

So, will Google put an end to it this time? Let’s calm things down: Push Ads are here to stay, but the upcoming changes are set to bring a number of changes to push notifications, which will directly affect our activity and compliance regulations. This is the part where you need to pay attention!

Chrome 84 is aimed at “protecting Chrome users from abusive notifications. “Users often get tricked through push notifications by publishers and hackers who promote malware or try to steal the user’s private information.

The new Chrome update seeks to change this. It will protect user data by means of introducing a quieter UI. This means push notifications will no longer project abusive or deceptive push notifications explicitly on websites.

Since Chrome 84 is set to change the way push notifications appear, this can affect push traffic. Lesser traffic will not necessarily mean lesser revenue, as it will filter out genuine leads from potential ones.


How to Get Ready

Like we said before, it is uncertain whether the latest Chrome updates will affect all advertisers alike. That is something that only the release of Chrome 84 on July 14 would tell. In the meantime, if you want to get yourself ready, here are some tips regarding the forthcoming browser changes:

  1. Stay updated with the industry news at all times. Read about the latest updates through reliable mediums or contact your account manager for more specific questions. We are here to make sure you will have all the information needed. This will help you stay apprised of the current trends and changes.
  2. If you run user acquisition campaigns, keep in mind that the conversion rate can be harmed, so it is better to have google compliance LP. In addition, user acquisition campaigns with abusive permission requests or abusive notifications will be automatically enrolled in quieter notification UI, which will affect the conversion rate.
  3. Play by our compliance rules. Due to the new Chrome update, we are obliged to align with the compliance code by G This means we will not approve campaigns in which the creatives resemble chat messages or notifications with warnings. Also be sure not to use logos for non-official offers (this shouldn’t be new to you, but just another friendly reminder).


Last But Not Least

While browser updates can affect the affiliate advertising industry, many Chrome updates in the past have not affected advertisers in a negative way. With the new Chrome 84 set to release in the near future, your push notification ads might be affected. You cannot restrict the browser from affecting your campaigns, but you can make prior arrangements to ensure it doesn’t make a huge impact.

The takeaway here is to stay well informed and updated about the upcoming changes so you get enough time to work toward enhancing your campaigns to best comply with the forthcoming changes.