Case Study: Push Ads Sweepstakes

by    |    Sep 5, 2019    |       3 min read

One of our leading push ads verticals is sweepstakes.
Why is that? Because everyone wants to win something, no matter who they are!

This means that the audience doesn’t have to go on a specific website, all they have to do is have a phone and the offer would simply appear on their screen. We want to share with you one case study of a successful sweepstakes campaign on the push ad format.


Campaign period: 20 days


Budget: $540

ROI: 136%

Device: Mobile

The Offer

A $500 gift card for a famous local brand.

How Did It Work?

The users received the ad to their mobile, they clicked it and were directed to a pre-lander of a wheel of fortune. Then, they were required to spin the wheel and fill in their contact info. The users were informed that those were the steps they needed to take in order to win. Each time the users filled in their details – the advertiser got a conversion.


The title of the offer was a message announcing a winning of $500 with an emoji of money. To add to the curiosity, it also had an icon of a gift and an image of a $500 gift card with no identifying details.

Results + Summary 

From day 1 of the campaign, the advertiser already saw great results. These are the final results of the campaign:

After running the for 20 days and getting good results, the advertiser gathered enough information to optimize the campaign and make it even more profitable. He has learned that on Chrome 75 he got the best results and decided to clone the campaign, targeting only Chrome 75 with a higher bid. The higher the bid, the more chances to win the traffic.

Tips & Tricks  

After following up with numerous campaigns that worked great for our advertisers, we came up with the following tips & tricks:

  • When deciding on your GEO, make sure to use the local language and dialect. Make your ad language look as native as possible. Do not hesitate to use translators if needed.
  • It is better to focus on one GEO for each campaign. Different countries have different volumes, bids & performances for each source.
  • When running sweepstakes campaigns, it is better to focus on local brands.
  •  Use as generic images as possible. The more generic – the more audience the offer would look relevant to. Also, it is recommended to use simple pictures that do not have many details in them.
  • Illustrations work best with sweepstakes. Try to avoid real images of products as they are less effective.
  • It takes approximately four days to learn the traffic and understand the sources. Take your time and optimize on source level, change your bids and blacklist sources if needed.