eCommerce + Domain Redirect Keyword Campaign (433% ROI)

by    |    Nov 18, 2019    |       4 min read


Domain Redirect is one of the best choices for running E-Commerce campaigns. When you think about it – it really makes sense: a user searches online for an item he is interested in purchasing and gets redirected straight to your offer. 

The next case study is an example of a successful Domain Redirect Keyword campaign. It was sent to us by one of our advertisers who explains what they did to get an amazing 433% ROI using, a website that offers expensive, designer clothing and fashionable items that are hard to find in retail fashion stores.

This is what they said:

Campaign Overview     

Ad Format: Domain Redirect

Offer: FarFetch (Dynamic CPS)

Pricing Model: CPM

Device Type: Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Campaign Period: September 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019

GEO: Multiple

Total Spent: $707.25

Total Revenue: $3,770.29

Net Profit: $3,063.04

ROI: 433%


The budget was calculated based on the fact that the average order value for the program is relatively high, and thus the commission for the program as well. We started with a budget of 60 USD which we found sufficient since the keywords/domains we used were highly specific. It took the campaign about 2 weeks to optimize and hit a positive ROI. Optimal bid/EPC was around 0.4 USD and took about 2 weeks to reach that conclusion.


We chose to target multiple GEOs for this offer because offers international shipping, which makes the offer relevant for a large number of GEOs. 


We targeted multiple keywords, which can be divided into two different categories:

  1. Keywords highly relevant to the brand, mistypes and misspellings of the brand name.
  2. Keywords targeting users with a clear interest in what the brand is offering, and thus very likely to convert that type of traffic into sales.

Here are the examples of keywords we used:,,

Campaign Results

After running this campaign for a period of almost two months, these were our final results:

Total Spent: $707.25

Total Revenue: $3,770.29

Net Profit: $3,063.04

ROI: 433%

All in all, 92 leads were obtained from a total of 2,947 impressions (clicks)

Regarding the stats, we did experience a good number of sales for highly relevant domains/keywords. Not only it did meet my expectations, but I would also say it exceeded them. Compare to other platforms I would say that the performance is 3x times stronger and they don’t get near any domain traffic for that offer as SelfAdvertise does.

This case study is another example of how profitable Domain Redirect Keyword campaigns can be. Choosing the right offer, targeting relevant keywords, and redirecting to an irresistible landing page are all important factors that can affect your conversions and your ROI. So, if you’re looking to run E-Commerce offers and ready to boost your ROI – Domain Redirect Keyword is one of the best choices for you!