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The Affiliate Marketing Forum List of Your Dreams

by    |    Mar 30, 2016    |       7 min read

The amount of things a mega affiliate needs to keep track of to strive in the digital battlefield is dizzying. From Google’s constant limitations and rule-changing to its alternatives, to consumer trends, to new technologies, tools, and communications channels, to fraud detection and prevention, to track, to generally being informed on what the competition is doing – it’s easy to get lost in the sea of such information.

We’ve gathered some of the best options available out there so that you can save time and focus on what’s important.  Whether you’re an avid reader or just looking for a quick tip, this is our dreamy affiliate marketing forum list. Knowing that mega affiliates do business online makes it even harder – the internet is an extremely fast-paced platform where trends and rules can change virtually overnight.

So how does a super successful affiliate stay super successful in such a challenging environment? You know how they say – two heads are better than one. We’d take it a step further and say – hundreds of heads are better than one. Yes, we’re talking about one of the internet’s oldest practices – forums.

Dozens of people keeping track of the same industry lowers your chances of missing on any crucial piece of information, and when those dozens are Messis of the affiliate world, chances are even slimmer. But where do you find such people? Where does the Messis of the affiliate world hang out in the digital realm?

So glad you asked.

Below you’ll find the list of the top forums where you’ll be able to keep track of new developments, learn a few things and probably make a few cool friendships along the way.

Affiliate Marketing forum list

1. Warrior Forum

You probably knew Warrior forum will be on our list, there is a big chance you are already using it. It represents one of the most popular internet marketing forums. It offers various advertising options, though we would recommend that you take care when trying to advertise certain products.

Warrior Forum Home Page

2. Wicked Fire

If you’re looking to learn about SEO, top affiliate programs, or affiliate marketing in general, look no further. This forum really has the most in-depth knowledge and, we would argue, the best experts in that field. However, where there are a lot of experts there are also a lot of smug people, our recommendation is to be patient and you will be able to learn a lot.

Wicked Forum Home Page

3. Black Hat World

A word of caution before continuing, 2/3 of the content on this forum can be legitimately called “black hat”, we would recommend that you don’t get involved in such things. The 1/3 leftover represents some of the best information you can find online on certain topics. Additionally, you may come across websites which will offer great backlinks for free.

Black Hat World Forum Home Page

4. V7N

A great forum that has been around for some years and has an amazing, lively and active community. Numerous topics are covered ranging from SEO, marketing, blogging, and even graphic design. Definitely worth being a part of!

5. Digital Point

An oldie but goldie, since it managed to stay afloat for so long. This forum is heaven for webmasters and marketers, it contains information that is difficult to find in other places. Note of caution, it lays its advertising on thick and might end up annoying some of you who are more sensitive to avoiding ads. The community is well balanced and centered with replies to queries coming in fast. AdSense users will benefit greatly.

Digital Point Forum Home Page

6. Sitepoint

If you are a beginner then this forum is for you. A warm and friendly community which is quite nurturing of beginners is what sets this forum apart from the rest. Additional advantages include members who are well versed in programming and web development which can be a great supplement to marketing knowledge. Frequent updates of the forum point to the direction that the owners are putting user experience first also this means that the forum is continually growing. Registration itself is very easy and the forum sections span from e-commerce to internet marketing.

Site Point Home Page

7. Affilorama

As the name says this forum is specifically geared towards affiliate marketing. This is not a bad thing since it includes a lot of marketing information. Reputable information is the name of the game for this forum, you can additionally sharpen your selling skills.

Affilorama Forum Home Page

8. Performancein

Numerous affiliate networks use this forum to discuss topics with their clients and even to interact with them on a teacher-student basis. Perhaps it might not be the biggest forum out there but it contains a lot of good information and represents a place of learning.

Performancein Forum Home Page

9. Geekvillage

A Phoenix rising from the ashes would be the best way to describe this forum. Though quite old and frequented by people who came to the site straight from a search engine, the posts on the forum contain a lot of gold nuggets. Recently the traffic the forum has been getting had increased and we can still speak about the relevance of this forum. Worth checking out.

Geekvillage Forum Home Page

10. DreamTeamMoney

Despite having a great name this forum was built around values of collecting Dream Points which would enable the users to be established as regulars on the site. Various sections from marketing, online marketing, and even cryptocurrencies will surely meet everyone’s fancy.

DreamTeamMoney Forum Home Page

11. STM

STM, short for Stack That Money, is one of the most popular affiliate forums you can find online. It’s also quite controversial as it’s one of the rare ones to actually cost money to join. With a monthly subscription of $99, many affiliates have been left wondering if it’s worth it when there are so many free options out there. Obviously, each person’s experience may differ, but the general sentiment is that the forum offers a lot of value for the money. Reviews are overall highly favorable (you can read more here, here or here), with the freshness of content and the quality of discussions being the two biggest advantages.

We don’t know how to act

If you want to harvest the best benefits from the forums you need to take a careful and methodical approach. Follow these 5 tips if you want to be relevant in the forums.

1. Follow the guidelines of the respective forum and never break the rules of the forum

2. Make sure to enrich your signature line with your blog or site link, a product or brand information so that you may be contacted. Sometimes this aspect brings the most value in forums

3. Always keep in mind that all forum members are equal in terms of the behavior inside the community. Try and find your own niche without violating the rules in order to get ahead

4. Unlike social media and blogs, in forums, you should initially research the topic or issue you wish to discuss before posting on the topic

5. Proactively engage with forum topics and members and try to represent your brand in that light. You will reap the benefits later

There are countless marketing forums out there, this list is by no means exhaustive but it does represent sources of credible information, active discussions, and caring communities which can help you grow as a digital advertiser and help your business grow. Make sure you are consistent and constant on the forums and you will start to reap tremendous benefits from your engagement.