The Affiliate Marketing Forum List of Your Dreams

by    |    Oct 6, 2020    |       7 min read

Making money online has become the new norm in today’s fast-paced, social media influenced society. No longer will the only choice for making money be sitting in an office from nine to five, seven days a week, performing mindless tasks, and glancing at the clock every few minutes. Now, with the power of eCommerce sites and affiliate marketing forums at your fingertips, you can make money while you sleep! Never has there been such a diverse online community of marketing sites, informative blogs and educational videos, that can teach just about anybody to invent, create and sell your very own product, all on your own terms.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Since rules and regulations regarding online selling continuously change and update, it is best to do your due diligence and choose a forum that will benefit your business. That is why we put together this dreamy list which features our top five favorite affiliate marketing forums! As an added bonus, we have included some of the most prominent influencers and bloggers in affiliate marketing, as their impact in this niche is huge. This comprehensive directory will include some of the top-rated affiliate marketing sites as well as various influencers that will set you on the right path to making money around the clock.

Affiliate Marketing forum list


Afflift is one of the top competitors in the affiliate marketing niche. Their user-friendly forum features affiliate marketing guides, which explain how to set up and get started on driving traffic. This fastest growing premium affiliate marketing forum is run & managed by super affiliate Luke Kling, and his group of industry leaders.  Together they share their knowledge experience and a lot of affiliate marketing tips and tricks posted throughout the forum that you can learn from.

Case studies are utilized in order to help their clientele learn and grow, creating a long term success strategy. Afflift’s goal is to provide a friendly community of like-minded individuals, who want to scale their business’ future potential and promote their products to the right customers. This is achieved with “follow along threads,” where members regularly post their feedback on what has been working for their campaigns and what, unfortunately, has not.

With Afflift’s helpful tactics, you will learn to evaluate and enhance your affiliate marketing campaigns, virtually guaranteeing a sizable return on investment!


Mobidea provides an easy to navigate approach to their site. Besides having various articles and blog posts related to affiliate marketing on their forum, thus providing valuable and educational content, they also allow four choices of marketing approaches: social influencers, webmasters, media buyers and networks.  This allows you the option of choosing the right promoter for your product or the right system, should you choose to market your product yourself!

Mobidea’s goal is to offer a monetization platform, where buyers, sellers and promoters can mingle and create a compatible community. Thanks to your revenue constantly being updated in real time, you can always keep a watchful eye on your campaigns and your profits. On top of that, the site pays you weekly (every Wednesday), through sources such as PayPal and various other forms of ePayments, allowing you to get your hard-earned cash quickly and efficiently!

STM Forum

Launched back in 2011, STM Forum boasts that they are “The #1 Premium Affiliate Marketing Community.” Their goal since their launch was to provide market research through case studies and guides, helping their loyal clientele get their product promoted to the right people or simply connecting influencers with inventors, maximizing the ROI potential.

Today, STM Forum hosts worldwide conferences, networking events and they even provide educational online courses, teaching their customers the importance of affiliate marketing and how it can help your business grow substantially!

Wicked FireThis well-known affiliate marketing site offers a very organized approach when looking to promote your (or other people’s) products. Wicked Fire provides free information on traffic trends, Facebook ads, brand promotion, and optimization techniques. This is a great source when looking to connect with concurring individuals, who can not only answer all of your questions but can offer their services to you, boosting your sales and visibility!

Since Wicked Fire has a lot of engagement among creators and influencers on their site, there is a constant stream of valuable information and new threads popping up on the daily, making it a great place to network and connect!


AffiliateFix is easily one of the busiest affiliate marketing sites and has a lot of daily engagement from their members. This site is free to join and their forum covers a number of important topics, such as landing pages and direct linking.

AffiliateFix also offers “Learn to Earn” webinars, “Follow Alongs,” case studies, guides and tutorials. New to affiliate marketing? No problem! AffiliateFix is considered one of the easiest platforms to get started on, making it an incredibly beginner friendly platform. Need some inspiration? There is a “Success Stories and Bragging” thread, where customers can link and discuss their business’ ups and downs and how affiliate marketing has helped them expand their earning potential.


Although affiliate sites are a great way to get your product promoted on the market, there is something to be said about human connection and interaction. That is where bloggers and influencers come into play! These are the people that have built a loyal fanbase or who write to or impact a group of people in a massive way! Contacting an influencer to negotiate a collaboration is beneficial to you both, as you get to sell product while the influencer can promote something that can help the audience within their niche. It’s a great way to spread awareness to your product and generate honest interest within the market.

That is why we feel it is imperative to include some of the most significant influencers and bloggers in affiliate marketing!

Servando Silva

Servando Silva began blogging in 2006, finally realizing his passion for affiliate marketing in 2011. Within the last couple of years, Servando has fully dedicated his time to monetizing mobile traffic and helping his audience realize the importance of buying data by documenting his journey on his site. Servando shares exciting content such as case studies and traffic sources with his devoted followers.

Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando has a very impressive resume. He is an affiliate blogger first and foremost and uses his platform to speak about the fluctuations in affiliate marketing, opting to share his knowledge and experience through content such as in-depth reviews and interesting case studies. He is also in the eCommerce niche as an Amazon FBA seller as well as an ad campaign optimizer. He shares his expertise in this niche by speaking live worldwide and prioritizes traveling, thanks to working remotely in online marketing and this is what he had to say about our Push Ads back in 2019.

KJ Rocker

KJ Rocker runs his own blog, which has been featured in prestigious business sources, such as Entrepreneur, Digital Journal and more. Based in Dubai, KJ is a CPA marketing and traffic generating expert, who focuses on teaching other performance marketers his handy tips and tricks. Thanks to his vast experience, KJ has spoken both publicly and through webinars, as well as has the opportunity to mentor his peers. His content ranges from CPA marketing tutorials to thoroughly examining campaign case studies. Be sure to read about the dating case study we published recently.


Attila started his own affiliate marking blog back in 2013, as a way to enjoy his writing hobby while simultaneously educating his audience on online marketing. After years of trying his luck in a variety of niches, Attila eventually came to learn how to make money online and has never looked back! His blog is a helpful source for forum reviews, traffic guides and how-to content, such as step by step money making instructions and the actions needed to create your first native campaign. He resides in Budapest, Hungary, with his family where he spends his days doing what he loves most: making money online! You should also check out his new forum iAmAffilate with up to date money-making affiliate marketing tutorials, case studies, and tips for Facebook, Google, PUSH, Native and Mobile traffic.


There you have it! The top affiliate marketing forums and influencers available. Although some may tell you that affiliate marketing is a thing of the past, they could not be farther from the truth. Affiliate marketing brings together like-minded people, who value their time, believe in their knowledge and know how to reach the right target audience with the right message.