AdTech Solutions that Will Help Your Campaigns Skyrocket

by    |    Apr 19, 2018    |       3 min read

For agencies looking to buy ad space in a way that doesn’t at the same time burn a hole in their pocket and target all the wrong audiences, adtech companies have been at the very center of their business endeavor.

And for good reason, too. With innovative and super-useful tools like retargeting, programmatic buying, or omnichannel marketing, these companies managed to solve (and are still doing so) some of the biggest marketing roadblocks in the digital age. However, as with all things marketing, focusing on a single solution is never a good choice, as many of these don’t exclude, but in fact, complement one another. Check out below some of the best adtech solutions that will help your campaigns go through the roof.

A Myriad of Choices


Digitalization might be killing print – but the print is still giving signs of life. And while it lives, print ads live with them. As print publishers move faster, and in greater numbers, towards mobile and web platforms, they’re looking for ways to ‘import’ print ads with them, and that’s where Oomph comes in. It takes ads designed for print and turns them into rich media ads. That way, these ‘transformed’ ads will be able to pull out the maximum of new platforms such as smartphones or tablets.

Doing this kind of work requires specialized and highly skilled professionals, which is something very few publishers and ad agencies have in-house. With Oomph, both costs and time go down, allowing publishers to sell ads in both print and mobile platforms, all in a single transaction.


StartApp focuses strongly on VR

StartApp  focuses strongly on VR [Image Credit: StartApp]


As for spending on mobile ads increases by the minute, both publishers and advertisers are always on the prowl, looking for new and innovative ways to reach mobile users. StartApp is an adtech startup working from the development side, offering great mobile ads and in-depth analysis. It puts a strong emphasis on user intent and behaviors, offering its clients a chance to be “smarter” about responding to these factors. But where it particularly draws attention is on the VR side of things. It wants to be a pioneer in VR and 360-degree ads, and at the moment it claims to have native ads that ‘fit seamlessly’ into any app.

Buying traffic has become the cornerstone of virtually every campaign, turning it into an extremely important element. Those looking to buy traffic will also be asking a lot of questions, like where is the traffic coming from? Does the service offer programmatic buying? How about omnichannel solutions, can I target people on different devices? How about different geographies? How much will all of that set me back?


Programmatic Adtech company that taps into the needs of its clients and shapes its offers around it. Choosing an ad type is simple, targeting the right audience is fast and efficient, while analytics and tweaking will be a breeze with an intuitive and clean user interface. As one of the top CPM ad networks in the industry, SelfAdvertiser holds massive amounts of traffic and has designed the targeting tools needed for efficient budget management.

SelfAdvertiser Dashboard


If you want to follow your customers around (and we’re pretty sure you do), retargeting is a must. There are many adtech solutions for retargeting out there – we would like to point you to the direction of AdRoll. Its retargeting solutions access more than 500 ad exchanges, including both Google and Facebook. The company says one of its clients saw an 8.5x ROI and a 265 percent increase in sales. Obviously, that’s not all AdRoll offers – it also offers behavior-based solutions, very much similar to what StartApp does. Its platform has a reach of more than 1.2 digital profiles.


We all know the importance of video in advertising. But when it comes to mobile platforms, video is still being seen as somewhat struggling, mostly because of the slow penetration of mobile broadband, as well as generally high(ish) prices on high-speed mobile internet. With video advertising slowly, but surely, entering the mainstream, it’s YuMe’s technology that needs to be in the limelight. It pairs online videos with the most relevant audiences for it. At the same time, it allows its clients to analyze data on the go, increasing the effectiveness of running campaigns.


This adtech solution is among the younger ones, but should not be neglected for it as it is very innovative. Based on the Uber principle, StickerRide is essentially an advertising platform paired with a mobile app. It gives users the opportunity to put ads on their cars, while allowing brands to get targeted, on-car advertising. Contrary to traditional offline ads, with StickerRide brand managers can control campaigns in real-time to keep an eye on their success.

Final thoughts

AdTech solutions are a great add-on to every agency and virtually any media campaign. They tap into the newest technology solutions and find ways to harness their power. They allow agencies to target the right audiences, using the right channels and in all the right times, without having to sell both kidneys and their dog for it. Some of them complement each other. We hope that the abovementioned solutions will help you send your campaigns to the stratosphere, to the satisfaction of all sides involved.