5 Tips for Rocking Domain Redirect RON Campaigns

by    |    Nov 11, 2019    |       3 min read

Domain Redirect RON traffic is an easy kingdom to conquer. In fact, you don’t even need to be familiar with this type of traffic in order to buy it – anyone can do it.  Domain Redirect RON traffic has many advantages, for instance; the users are actively searching for something, they are highly motivated to convert, and the audience is very wide. 

In this article, we will share with you 5 important tips for rocking Domain Redirect RON campaigns. So let’s check them out:

1. Leave Out the Prejudice.

The bids for Domain Redirect RON campaigns are not as high as you may think. RON campaigns let you buy traffic from all the sources. Meaning, that similarly to Pop RON campaigns, you can start with a low bid that allows you to explore the best sources, and then you can optimize it accordingly. 

2. Patience is the Key.

Be patient and spread your budget wisely over a long period. It takes time to find the right strategy and domains for each campaign. It is best to invest lower funds every day for a longer period and to optimize as you go, so don’t rush it.  

3. Optimize.

Make the Auto Optimizer your best friend – there’s no instant success in performance marketing without optimizing your campaigns. The range of bids for Domain Redirect sources is wide – and that makes the Auto Optimizer extremely helpful. In addition, it allows you to learn at minimum risk around the clock and control your ROI. 

4. Look Good.

Create a friendly landing page – on Domain Redirect traffic, your landing page is the first thing the users will see. The premium quality traffic that comes from Domain Redirect, deserves the best-looking and friendliest landing page you can create. We recommend trying more than one creative in order to find the best match between the creative and the user.  

5. Keep it Simple.

With Domain Redirect RON targeting it is best to run general offers. Sweepstakes and utility offers, for example, have a broad match since they are relevant to a wide crowd of users. Running such offers will help you in getting traffic from all Domain Redirect opportunities. So don’t narrow your possibilities, they are just around the corner. 

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