Get Ready For Singles’ Day Celebration of Ecommerce

by    |    Nov 5, 2019    |       4 min read

If you’re looking to increase your revenue, it’s worth adding Singles’ Day to your holiday marketing calendar. 

Singles’ Day, or in its other name 11/11, has gained more and more popularity around the world, and it is considered to be China’s number one shopping day and has become bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

With millions of shoppers and billions of dollars associated with this day alone, you have the chance to make A LOT of money. In this article, we will share with you the best tips for running Singles’ Day offers in China and help you prepare for this huge celebration of Ecommerce. 

1. Choose your offers wisely.

A large percentage of the Singles’ Day shoppers are young ladies and women. It is no wonder then, that the most popular offers of this day are fashion items, beauty products, body care, and Nutra. Other great offers to run are gadgets, electronics, and toys.

2. Go with the flow.

Consider setting your ad type to Domain Redirect. The best converting campaigns among Chinese users are the ones redirecting to the offer’s website. You can either choose to Run of Network or to target keywords, but either way – choosing Domain Redirect is a great way to get more conversions and increase your ROI. 

3. Know your audience.

Most Chinese people would use their mobile phones to make purchases. Estimations go as high as 90% of Singles’ Day sales generate from mobile. Make your ad mobile-friendly and the purchase process easy and smooth. 

4. Blend in.

If you choose to use the local dialect in your ad, try to sound as native as possible. It is recommended to use the assistance of a native speaker or a certified translator, as you want your offer to sound genuine and to appeal to the local crowd. Use the symbol of the country’s currency and add the relevant payment methods for the Chinese market: UnionPay, WeChat and AliPay.  

5. Think big.

Keywords are an important factor in the Chinese advertising market. It is best to use large-sized keywords that will stand out. Recommended words to use are “Discount”, “Sale”, and discount percentage such as “50%”. 

6. Be part of the team.

In Chinese tradition, different colors have different meanings. It is best to use bright colors such as red, pink, orange and purple. These colors, not only do they catch the user’s attention but they also symbolize luck, joy, and prosperity.    

Using the 6 tips listed above, you will be able to ensure you have a strategy in place in order to maximize conversions and enjoy the rewards Singles Day has to offer.

Most importantly don’t forget, whether you’re buying a full Batman suit, a new car, a massage, or luxury perfume; splurge, enjoy, and treat yo’ self on Singles’ Day 🙂

The countdown for the LARGEST shopping day IN THE WORLD is on!